Dan Lips

Senior Fellow, Education Policy Studies


E-Mail: dlips@mdpolicy.org

Dan Lips is Senior Fellow of Education Policy Studies with the Maryland Public Policy Institute and Education Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation. He was previously an education policy researcher at the Cato Institute. Lips has authored education policy studies for numerous state think tanks, and his commentaries have been published in various news outlets including National Review Online, FoxNews.com and in numerous newspapers, including The Arizona Republic, The Daily Oklahoman, The Manchester Union Leader, The Washington Times, and The Wichita Eagle.

His research has been widely cited, including in The Wall Street Journal. For the past two years, Dan was the President of the Arizona Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization building public support for school choice in Arizona. Dan is also a Senior Fellow with the Goldwater Institute, where he recently published The Reagan Vision: How You Can Revive the Reagan Revolution.