Health Care in Maryland: A Diagnosis

Alison Lake Apr 18, 2005

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Publication Date: April 2005

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Health Care in Maryland: A Diagnosis examines crucial issues affecting Maryland’s health care environment and offers fresh solutions to those problems.

Experts in the fields of law, medicine, and health care analyze medical malpractice, Medicaid, mental health services, health insurance, and other aspects of the health care system in Maryland.

In this book you will find substantive presentations of health care issues and suggestions for effective public policy in Maryland.

There is growing concern that rising health care costs in Maryland are not sustainable at current levels. Maryland will spend more than $6 billion in FY 2005 on health and mental services, including Medicaid.

That represents 24 percent of total state expenditures for 2005. That proportion is expected to rise in coming years, threatening the state’s fiscal health while at the same time raising the prospect of under service to state residents. These and other crucial issues need to be addressed as soon as possible, according to the book’s contributors.

 Health Care in Maryland: A Diagnosis examines health care issues affecting Marylanders and offers fresh and effective policy solutions to these issues.

“As health care becomes more competitive, it is important for states like Maryland to reconsider their public policies and regulatory frameworks. This book provides a roadmap for reform of Maryland's health care markets along competitive lines.”

—David Hyman, J.D./M.D.
Professor of Law and Medicine, University of Illinois College of Law

Health Care In Maryland is not just about Maryland—it is about the large and growing Medicaid program that currently accounts for eight percent of the federal budget and one-sixth of all states’ general fund spending. Despite its size, Medicaid has received relatively little attention from policy analysts and researchers. This volume opens new ground by questioning the status quo and daring to suggest new ways to improve the health and well-being of the poor and aged that Medicaid is intended to help.”

—Robert B. Helms, Ph.D.
Resident Scholar and Director of Health Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

“Health Care In Maryland: A Diagnosis casts fresh light onto longstanding healthcare problems. Its analysis, ideas, and proposed solutions will be helpful to government leaders as they rethink how to transform the broken system.”

—Anne Woodbury
Chief Health Advocate, Center for Health Transformation


Table of Contents

1. Medicaid For The 21st Century
2. Increasing Access To Prescription Drugs: What Maryland Should and Should Not Do
3. Maryland’s Mental Health System: Moving Beyond Commitment to Success
4. The Right Diagnosis: Addressing Maryland’s Medical Malpractice Problem
5. Certificate of Need: Protecting Providers, Not Controlling Costs
6. Rethinking Maryland’s Health Care Future