Maryland: A Guide to the Issues

Second Edition

Alison Lake Aug 31, 2006

Dimensions: 6'' x 9''

192 pages

MPPI Press


Publication Date: August 2006

ISBN: 0-9755756-2-7
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The Maryland Public Policy Institute is pleased to announce the release of its second election-year topic guide, Maryland: A Guide to the Issues. Written by some of the region's top policy experts, this book provides careful analysis of many of the key issues that affect the state and its citizens. The Guide is timely and valuable because it can assist voters as they choose their legislators this election season, and provide lawmakers with a point of reference in the coming session of the General Assembly.

From education to transportation, to health care to tax and spending issues and public safety, each of these policy issues requires and demands a well-informed debate among lawmakers who determine solutions that guide Maryland. We hope that the Guide will advance discussion of those issues and inspire effective policy responses.

In this book, written by experts in the fields of economics, public policy, education, and government, you will find up-to-date and in-depth analysis of education, health care, the state budget, criminal justice, transportation, and corporate welfare as they pertain to Maryland.

All people who care about the future of Maryland—voters and legislators alike—are warmly invited to read the Guide. We hope this edition will make an important contribution to the issues being examined by the public this election year and in 2006.


Table of Contents

Christopher B. Summers
The Maryland Public Policy Institute

Chapter 1
Reforming Health Care in Maryland
Thomas A. Firey

Chapter 2
Improving Education Choices for Maryland's Children
Dan Lips

Chapter 3
The Maryland State Budget: A Never-ending Deficit Story
Karin Flynn, Ph.D. and Tori Gorman

Chapter 4
Spending Priorities in Maryland's Public School Districts
Kirk A. Johnson, Ph.D.

Chapter 5
Public/Private Partnerships Offer Innovative Opportunities for School Facilities in Maryland
Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D.

Chapter 6
Maryland Transportation: Problems and Solutions
Peter Samuel

Chapter 7
Crime and Public Safety in Maryland
David B. Muhlhausen, Ph.D.

Chapter 8
Rent-seeking: Maryland's Corporate Welfare Problem
Thomas A. Firey