Institute Releases Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Press Releases Apr 25, 2016

ROCKVILLE, MD  (April 25, 2016) — The Maryland Public Policy Institute today released detailed candidate questionnaire responses from seven candidates for Mayor of Baltimore.  The candidates’ responses shed light on how each would seek to jumpstart the City’s economy and lower the overall tax burden.  All but one candidate, State Senator Catherine E. Pugh, participated. Citizens can view all candidate responses at

“The stakes have never been higher for Baltimore,” said Christopher B. Summers, president of the Institute.  “We hope these candidate responses help voters make a more informed choice about the direction our great city must take. Make no mistake: Maryland’s fortunes depend largely on Baltimore’s economic and fiscal footing, so the next Mayor’s performance will reverberate far beyond city limits. We thank all seven candidates who chose to participate and wish voters well as they take to the polls Tuesday.”

The Baltimore Mayoral primary is Tuesday, April 26, 2016. The general election is November 8, 2016.

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