Think Tank: Prince George's Casino's Impact Loss Than Advertised

Originally Published in Business Monthly

MPPI in the News Nov 1, 2012

A study issued by the Rockville-based Maryland Public Policy Institute (MPPI) has revealed that the expansion of casino gambling in the stale will not produce the amount of revenue that supporters of Question 7 contend that it will.

According to the study by MPPI, a nonpartisan think tank, about 45% of the revenue promised from adding a casino in Prince George's County and table games at Maryland casinos is actually existing gaming revenue. Supporters of the referendum have been stating that the expansion would generate $199 million annually for Maryland's schools.

"This objective analysis debunks many of the most attractive arguments for Question 7, particularly that a 'Yes' vote will significantly improve state revenues and benefit Maryland public education," said MPPI President Christopher Summers in a statement.